12705370_845544042257393_4678906188555091764_n“I just wanted to thank you for providing a positive dental experience for my little guy today. He left there saying how much he loved Dr. Casey and her ‘helper’. You were very positive and reassuring and it meant all the difference to my son…. I will be singing your praises to anyone looking for a dentist…. Carter talked about it the entire way back to Pittsfield and seemed to genuinely enjoy his visit…. I can’t thank you enough for everything. I am one relieved mama tonight now that we have gotten through that first appointment and he actually left your office in a happy mood.” ~Kimmy


Dave“Another painless visit to your office. In the last 20 years (I think) I have never experienced even the slightest pain. I realize the procedure today turned out to be a little more than expected, but it went very smoothly.” ~Dave


Dr Hess“Like is not a strong enough word for my respect of Drs. Wise and Jones. Quality, good, solid dentists!” ~Dr. Timothy A. Hess






“I count myself very fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Jones.  She is so caring and sensitive to my needs; she listens to all that I have to say.   Thorough and meticulous , she treats me as a whole person, concerned not only with my oral health, but with my overall health as well.  And as if this isn’t enough , the staff is outstanding. They are a major reason my experience feels so relaxed and comfortable. I am very pleased with this practice, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has any hesitation about seeing a dentist.” ~Martha