You may have noticed that Dr. Jay Wise and Dr. Casey Jones have IMG_7105different letters behind their name.  So what is the difference between a DDS and a DMD?  That is a great question, that we get all the time, so we have a response from Dr. Casey Jones below for those that are interested.

IMG_7109 The short answer is “nothing.” DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery and DMD stands for Doctor of Dental Medicine or Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry. Harvard was the first to adopt the DMD, and my particular school (Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health) chose it for the same reason that we are one of the only dental schools with “Oral Health” in its name . . . they believe that oral health is part of your overall health and teach us to treat the whole patient, not just the mouth. I am a firm believer in that philosophy, and happy that I happen to have a DMD, but a DDS has the same basic training as a DMD.  Usually it is the passion of the dentist and the continuing education that follows in the years beyond dental school that really shape a general dentist.  Dr. Jay Wise and I share the basic goal, to really listen to our patients and provide complete dentistry that looks good, feels good and lasts a long time, but we have slightly different interests that we hope compliment each other nicely to benefit our patients. ~Casey Jones, DMD