Dental insurance can be helpful in allowing patients to get needed treatment done.

We will help you in every way that we can to get full reimbursement under the terms of the plan which your employer has selected for you.  We file most claims electronically.  We provide predetermination of benefits in cases where there may be a more involved financial commitment.

We are not currently a “provider” under any insurance carrier.  We can knowledgeably assist you with all your insurance needs, however,.  Our out of network status has not been a problem in most instances.  Still, it is in your best interest to check benenfits and reimbursement policies with your human resources department at work or with the insurance carrier directly.  We are always glad to assist.

There is an ethical reason why I chose not to be a provider.  Dental fees should be a reflection of how much it costs to provide a quality service, not an averages-based number which has been determined by non-dentists.  And certainly not a different discounted fee for each insurance provider.  It is my experience that this “cost containment” by insurance providers ultimately proves to be inflationary and decidedly not helpful to our patients.  I want our financial relationship to be the same as our dentist-patient relationship: hones, straightforward and personalized.  This cannot be achieved when the instuance company dictates fees and procedures.

For best results……….

  1. Think of dental insurance as a coupon to help you lower the overall costs of dental care.
  2. Assume that your reimbursement will be less than you’ve been told.  For example, insurance promises to pay 80%.  The 80% is paid only on what they determine is “usual, customary and reasonable.”  So you are not really getting 80% benefit, your getting 80% of what they allow.  Minus deductible, etc, etc.
  3. Ask us for help.  We can often resubmit claims for better or additional benefits.  Predeterminations prior to treatment can help avoid disappointments and surprises.